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Asger Fredslund

Photo: Asger Fredslund


The Greenland dog Ring

Our intentions behind this site is hopefully to contribute to more cooperation between owners and breeders of this magnificent breed, and to learn more about it, regardless of countries and traditions.

Everybody is welcome to join the Ring. We are not a breed club, and therefor we have no rules which to who and what dogs can join in. Everybody is welcome!
We only ask that the information you send us are honest and correct.

Our webhost is Norwegian, but don't let a language barrier stop you! We will help as much as we can so that forreigners also can find this website of use. If you don't understand the writing, we are sure you will still enjoy the pictures:-)

We have created and updated pedigrees for nearly 1500 GDs on the network
(stamtavle= pedigree) This is a register for sleddogs. All new dogs are loaded into the pedigree program with pictures. Most of the pictures on the Ring are either linked to the, or their names underneath the pictures are. Many of the dogs on the Ring now have pedigrees that go way back in generations, almost back to the "beginning".
If you have pictures and information of dogs that are not already in the pedigree program, please send us copies of official pedigrees, papers and pictures.

We are interested in showing as many GDs as possible. If you want your dog(s) in our galleries; Please send us a picture and information about your dog/dogs, alive or deseased, and we will help you join our galleries for males, females, champions, etc. We also need a copy of the pedigree if the dog is registrated outside of Scandinavia. This is to make sure that the information we enter the pedigree program is correct.

We love news!! Please let us know of events in your country that might interest other GD owners. Show- and raceresults with pictures are most welcome.

If you have GD dogs/puppies for sale or adoption, contact us and we will advertize them for you. All our services are free.

Pictures and information to us:
(Do not edit the pictures before you send them. We cut and edit ourself to suit our website)

Translate with Google!

Our page in english, or almost...:-) Some of the translation is not correct and sometimes even the dogs names are translated. Check out the Norwegian page as well to make sure you get the dognames right.
The page changes a bit when it's translated. It also might take a few seconds, so be patient:-)

Many other languages are available on Google. But be prepared for a good laugh, canine expressions are obviously hard to translate:-)

Check out our links below. Happy reading!

Marianne Lund and Katinka Mossin


(C) Copyright Grønlandshundringen/The Greenland Dog Ring

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Norwegian dictionary:-)

Hanner = males
Tisper = females
Championer og tittelholdere = champions and titleholders
Nyheter = news
Aktivitet = activitees with GD
Historisk = historical articles
Blinkskudd = very good pictures of greenland dogs
Vurderer rasen? = consider this breed?
Fra valp til sledehund = from puppy to sleddog
Oppdretter = breeder
Valpekull = litters
Salg/omplassering = for sale or adoption
Aktivitetsoversikt = activitees for GD owners
Ringen = about the ring
Gjestebok = Guestbook
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