The Greenland dog Club of Great Britain

The Greenland Dog - The original Husky, formelly known as the Eskimo dog

Greenland Dogs in Great Britain/Grønlandshund i England

Grønlandshund har sin egen raseklubb i England.
Vennligst se her for mere informasjon om klubben, styret, aktiviteter, oppdrettere etc
Greenland Dog Club of Great Britain

Greenland Dogs have their own breed club in England.
Please follow the link for more information about the club, board members, activities, breeders etc
Greenland Dog Club of Great Britain


ABSA - Affiliated British Sleddog Activites

ABSA was founded in 1992 by a few established event organisers living in the South of England. Over the preceding years, they had become increasingly aware of the need for a specialist body to offer guidance in all aspects of the rapidly growing Sport of sleddog competition in Great Britain.

ABSA's aim, therefore, is to not only encourage and support events encompassing all the various sleddog activities and co-ordinating them into a workable calendar, but to also show the way to achieving quality organisational skills and progressing the Sport alongside other countries.

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